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Native Video

Native Video is a cutting-edge solution in the digital advertising sphere, ensuring the display of advertisements at the focal point of user attention through the seamless integration of advertising messages into content.

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Native Video delivers impressive campaign performance:


Native Video guarantees high interaction rates with ads when utilizing quality creative and targeting tools


We ensure a high view-through rate for video ads through top-notch delivery and integration into content


Advertising content is triggered only when it enters the user's visible area. You pay only for real views

Creative Showcase

Explore diverse and creative examples of Native Video that have led to our clients' success.

Premium Partnerships

Access an audience of over one million in Ukraine, with a monthly reach exceeding 80% and more than 2 billion monthly ad impressions

ad impressions/month
monthly reach

Your ads will be displayed on the country's leading information platforms:

лого "24 канал"лого "Obozrevatel"лого "TCH"лого "Milliyet"лого "НВ"лого "Hürriyet"лого "Sabah"лого "РБК-Україна"лого "Yeni Asır"лого "Movimento Country"лого "1 news"лого "Perfil"лого "Унiан"лого "terra"лого "Fanatik"лого "riovagas"

Audience Targeting

Show your ads to your target audience - we provide all the necessary targeting settings: geographic, demographic, audience segmentation, and more.

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Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting

Thanks to our content identification technology, we protect brand advertising on every web page while strictly adhering to its internal safety standards. We segment content using the internationally recognized IAB content classifier, allowing targeting across hundreds of thematic segments.

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Reach and Frequency

We can not only ensure coverage of up to 80% of the Ukrainian audience but also provide a high frequency of exposure comparable to traditional television. This will make your brand or product recognizable and increase the likelihood of successful conversions.


Discover what our clients say about working with us and the results they've achieved


Using Native Video in our clients' advertising campaigns allows them to increase brand reach and recognition in the digital world at an optimal cost and with full placement control.

лого "OMD"
Andrey Golubenko
Digital Media Director, OMD

Using Native Video in combination with audience targeting enables us to interact with our clients' target audience. We have the ability to control placements in real-time and make optimizations.

лого "Havas Village"
Diana Novak
Senior Media Planner, Havas Village Ukraine

We use Native Video on an ongoing basis thanks to controlled and predictable results. We also highly value the full-service support from the team and their responsiveness in addressing any issues.

лого "media first"
Maxim Shevchenko
Head of Digital, MediaFirst

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