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We are a revolutionary platform for vibrant rich-media formats with extensive reach, exclusive traffic from premium publishers, and broad targeting and optimization capabilities.

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Real Time Statistic

Monitor the effectiveness of your placements in real-time

URL Patterns

Direct ads to specific sections of the publisher's website

Individual Tag Optimization

Purchase only effective traffic from the publisher, based on individual ad placements

Cost Optimisation

Optimize purchase prices for the best results

Creative optimisation

Experiment with a variety of creatives to discover the most effective outcome

Companies that have already evaluated our competencies:

лого "Toyota"лого "Sony"лого "H&M"Лого "Universal"лого "Heel"Лого "Visa"лого "Whirpool"Лого "McDonalds"лого "Nissan"лого "Captain Morgan"Лого "Logitech"Лого "adidas"Лого "mazda"Лого "Perrigo"Лого "BAYER"Лого "lexus"Лого "Volkswagen"Лого "samsung"Лого "mastercard"Лого "Disney"Лого "playstation"Лого "KFC"

We strive for quality, transparency, and safe ad placements

Fraud traffic counter

Fraud Protection

We continually develop and improve our technology to identify fraudulent traffic. We track and analyze hundreds of signals in real-time and block abnormal traffic both at the prebid and postbid levels.

Verification Vendors logos

Verification Vendors

We collaborate with providers such as Gemius, DoubleVerify, MOAT, IAS, and are ready to integrate a new provider upon your request.

Brand Safety scanner

Brand Safety

We scan the page's key content to identify any inappropriate content and filter unsuitable inventory based on individual client requirements.


Transparency statistic

We provide you with complete real-time statistics for your ad placements. Geography, device types, traffic providers, and ad placement locations down to individual ad slots.

Audience Targeting

Utilize our DMP platform to engage with your target audience.

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How contextual targeting works

Contextual Targeting

Identify your target audience and display your advertisements in a contextually relevant environment based on page content

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Premium Partners

We collaborate with the world's best publishers to achieve impressive results for your campaigns.


Discover what our clients say about working with us and the results they've achieved


Using Native Video in our clients' advertising campaigns allows them to increase brand reach and recognition in the digital world at an optimal cost and with full placement control.

лого "OMD"
Andrey Golubenko
Digital Media Director, OMD

Using Native Video in combination with audience targeting enables us to interact with our clients' target audience. We have the ability to control placements in real-time and make optimizations.

лого "Havas Village"
Diana Novak
Senior Media Planner, Havas Village Ukraine

We use Native Video on an ongoing basis thanks to controlled and predictable results. We also highly value the full-service support from the team and their responsiveness in addressing any issues.

лого "media first"
Maxim Shevchenko
Head of Digital, MediaFirst

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